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Growing the Community



New Custom Plugin

Good news! Our custom plugin “Tiny Island Quests” is now up and running in the server. I haven’t been able to fully test it due to recent changes in my daily activities, but for those interested enough you can start doing the daily quests via /tiq. Any bugs reported will be fixed ASAP.


Plan for Community Growth

So far Tiny Island Life had a bunch of tweaks both small and big, and I feel like it’s the right time to focus more on advertising to grow the community. There’s still bugs that appear here and there, but the server’s definitely more polished compared to a few months ago. The main issue we’ve had recently is the amount of lag present, and to ensure a smooth gameplay experience for everyone a hardware upgrade is also needed.

Now, I have two options going into this whole advertising & hardware upgrade thing:


A. Go big and invest a relatively large amount of money for a dedicated server to improve performance, as well as for ads that can potentially bring in a lot of players.

B. Grow slowly and start with cheaper ads, and maybe add a few gigs of ram to the current shared plan.


To help raise funds for either options, there will be a 30% OFF sale! Here's the link to our store if you're interested:




Due to our community being small, events aren’t held yet however if the community grows in April, by June we will start having monthly themed island contests! Easter is also around the corner, and I have plans to do an “easter egg hunt” of some sort. More details about this will be released soon since I’m still planning it all out :)


If you have suggestions for events, or anything server related feel free to LMK.


That’s it for this update, stay safe!

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The Hunt for Staff and Youtubers!

Hey there 👋


The server's been running for almost a month now and we're starting to build a community! I want to thank everyone who has played and specially those who are now active members. I would do a special mention for those who found bugs during the beta testing but there’s too many to keep track of – you know who you are tho 😉


Just a quick plug! We're running a Valentine's Day Promo in our server store! We have a 43% OFF sale going on, and a limited edition "" tag for purchases worth $14.30 or more!

Here's the link to our store if you're interested:



You may or may not know that we already have staff, however I’m revamping the staff team to ensure that all of them will be active. Anyone can apply as long as they meet the requirements:

  • Able to voice call (this is important for the interview)

  • Active (at least 8 hours of in-game actvity weekly)

  • Willing to help (I mean, duh lmao)

  • Registered on the forums

For those who are interested in this position feel free to DM Jet (aka me) on Discord. A custom application form is recommended but not required (it’s to make the interview process easier).



If you’re interested in becoming an official Youtuber for the server, DM Jet (aka me) on Discord with your channel link and we can discuss the specifics from there, I don’t have any set requirements for this rank because it will be different for each person.


Invite Rewards

What’s a server without players? A dead server :( - that’s something that I don’t want to happen to Tiny Island Life, and to prevent that I need people to advertise the server! Aside from Youtubers who can upload and stream videos I’m counting on the community to help keep the server alive. I’m going to give out prizes to those who invite their friends!


Each invite in-game gives you and the player you referred 1 Treasure Chest Key! (/ref {name})


Discord invite rewards:

  • First person to invite 50 people – Ethereal rank

  • First person to invite 25 people – Legend rank

  • Every 5 invites – 1 Mystical treasure chest key (DM me so I can manually give it to you)

To start inviting people right click the information channel and create a permanent invite link! (NOTE: Anyone who is caught botting is disqualified from participating in this)


New Features?

Right now I'm planning to have two builds made, one is a PvP arena and the other is for a Dungeon type “mini-game”. Both of these features should be available by the end of this month. If you have any ideas for the server feel free to suggest them!


Well, that sums up everything I wanted to say...unless I missed something 🤔

over 2 years ago
Server Soft Launch


I'm excited and nervous about Tiny Island Life's soft launch this week. I'm not sure how it will go but hopefully players will be reading this by the time it opens! I've been working on this server on and off since early last year and I'm hoping people will enjoy the gamemode I put together :D

That's all I have to say for now, I'd rather not have this announcement be too technical or formal.

Thank you for being part of the launch and I hope that you'll become a part of this community ❤️