Player Guide


Tiny Island Life (TIL) is a community oriented server with a unique gamemode made up of elements from Skyblock, Survival, Plots, and a bit of RPG.

Basic Gameplay
You start out in Las Piñas which is the spawn island. This island is home to the natives called Las Piñeros which you can interact with.

To create your own private island do /is - this will be your home and you can shape it any way you want to!

Gathering materials to create your dream island can be done in two ways, first is through the shop accessible through /shop, and the second way is by going to the resource world (/warp resource) - WARNING: The resource world is dangerous and filled with monsters!

Money and tokens are the two currencies of TIL. Money can be earned by working (/jobs) and tokens can be earned through quests (/warp quests). Both can be used to buy from the shop, but tokens are used for upgrades and special goods.

That’s it on the basics, which is all you really need. The rest can be figured out as you play. However, for those who enjoy reading, feel free to continue as the key server components are explained below.



        When you are new to Tiny Island Life, the menu will be your best friend when it comes to information regarding the server. The menu can be accessed by typing the “/menu” command. Once accessed, it will open up a GUI with four categories. The four categories are as follows:


  • Regular Shop - where you can spend your money
  • Token Shop - where you can spend your tokens


  • Time Played - total time online on the server
  • Kills and Deaths - players kills and times died
  • Quests Completed - number of quests completed
  • Island Stats - includes island size and capacity
  • Tokens - indicates number of tokens
  • Jobs - shows the number of jobs and which jobs employed in
  • Money - indicates amount of money


  • Voting site #1
  • Voting site #2
  • Voting site #3
  • Voting site #4
  • Voting site #5


  • Discord - link to the server’s discord
  • Website - link to server’s website
  • Server Shop - link to server’s online buycraft shop
  • Player Guide - link to this player guide


   The core component of Tiny Island Life are islands. To start your adventure in this server type in the command “/is”. This will create and bring you to your own island. In this island, you can do pretty much anything your heart would ever desire. You can build the tallest of towers, or even expand your island and create the most intricate of bases. 


    Everyone starts out from scratch. Once you create your new island, you won’t really have much yet. You will see yourself spawn in the middle of a small island with nothing but a single chest, a lone tree, and a sheep. From here you will need to use your basic Minecraft skills and knowledge in order to progress.


    You can further upgrade your island by spending your tokens to increase the size of your island and the number of friends you can invite over to your island.

    The future of your island is within the reach of your imagination. You can do whatever you want, build whatever you please, and choose however you want your island to become!


There are two types of ranks, rank and status. Ranks are paid and can be bought in the server store, however statuses are based on various gameplay factors. Purchasing a rank does not affect your status, and vice versa.


Status Requirements



In Tiny Island Life, there are two main types of currency. First, there is the conventional currency (money) measured in dollars ($) which you can earn through employing yourself in a job using “/job” or by selling specific items in the shop by using “/shop” and clicking the middle mouse button. You can also earn money if another player pays you using the “/pay” command.


    The second type of currency in Tiny Island Life is a much more special currency called tokens. Tokens can be earned through the completion of quests which can be found in /warp quests. Tokens can also be earned by buying them through the server shop. Tokens can be spent on the shop to buy a whole sort of different things like island upgrades, pets, and even mob heads.



  Just like in any economy, when there is currency, there should be something you could use that currency on. In Tiny Island Life, executing the “/shop” command, or teleporting to the “/warp merchant” warp, brings you to the in-game shop inside the server. The shop sells a whole plethora of different items that will help you in your journey here in Tiny Island Life. 


  The server has two different shops that use either currency (money or tokens) to sell different kinds of items. When you use the “/shop” command, a GUI will popup on your screen. To the left, you will see a grass block which aptly named “Regular Shop” while to the right hand side of the interface you will see a sunflower named “Token Shop”. Clicking on any of these will bring you to the corresponding shop according to its name.


  • Regular Shop - the regular shop can be accessed by doing the “/shop” command and clicking on the grass block on the left side of the user interface. Once accessed, the regular shop will show you five (5) different categories of items for sale. Blocks, color blocks, food, raw materials, and miscellaneous items. Once a category is chosen, you can cycle through the different items and shop as you please.

  • Blocks - regular blocks like stone, dirt, sand, wood, etc.
  • Colored Blocks - colored blocks like stained glass, terracotta, dyes, etc.
  • Food - cooked and uncooked food, seeds, saplings, etc.
  • Raw Materials - ores, mob drops, etc.
  • Miscellaneous - music discs, flowers, name tags, etc
  • Token Shop - your precious tokens can be spent on the server’s token shop accessible through the “/shop” command and selecting the sunflower named Token Shop. Once inside the token shop, you will be greeted by four (4) different categories of special items and upgrades. The first two categories are related to the progress and upgrade of your personal island on Tiny Island Life. You can increase the size of your island in the token shop and also increase the number of friends you can invite to play with you on your island. The token shop also houses the purchasing and customization of pets.


  • Island Size Upgrades - upgrade the size of your personal island
  • Island Member Count Upgrades - increases the number of friends you can invite on your island
  • Pet Shop - buy pets and set customizations for them
  • Item Shop - buy rare items



  To earn money in Tiny Island Life, you have to employ yourself to a specific job. Different commands regarding the jobs system can be found by typing “/jobs”. To browse all available jobs for you to be able to choose your desired one, type the command “/jobs browse”. Jobs make you money by accomplishing specific tasks under every job title. You can leave your job by typing in the command “/jobs leave [Name of Job]”. Here is a breakdown of the jobs you can enter in Tiny Island Life.


  • Woodcutter - the woodcutter job gives you money for every wooden log type you break in the world.

  • Miner - miners receive money for breaking certain blocks and ores. 

  • Builder - builders are rewarded for every decorative block that they place.

  • Digger - a diamond shovel and a desert would be the ideal place for a digger to earn lots and lots of money.

  • Farmer - farmers gain money through breaking fully-grown crops and replanting them. They can also be rewarded for breeding and taming animals, as well as shearing sheep.

  • Hunter - by killing both passive and hostile mobs, hunters gain money.

  • Explorer - explorers gain money by traversing the world and discovering new lands.

  • Crafter - crafters get their money by crafting a whole lot of different items.

  • Fisherman - fishermen are rewarded a hefty sum for every fish that they catch.

  • Weaponsmith - weaponsmiths gain money through crafting and repairing weapons and armor. They also get money by smelting ores.

  • Brewer - any type of potion that is brewed from a brewing stand will give brewers money.

  • Enchanter - all types of enchantments on books and other items will award a sum to players under the enchanter job.


Resource World

  Since Tiny Island Life is a server that circulates around the Skyblock theme, resources on your island are limited. In order to solve this problem, Tiny Island Life has a dedicated resource world wherein you can gather materials for you to use to build inside your island, as well as to complete quests. The resource world is accessible through the command “/warp resource”. 


    Once you enter the resource world, you will be greeted by Captain Jonsbo aboard his ship. The resource world is not only filled with resources that you can gather, it is also filled with the different kinds of monsters as this world is cursed to be stuck in a perpetual night time, meaning monsters could spawn at any time. If you thought that the resource world could not have gotten any more perilous, well think again. PvP is enabled inside the resource world, which means you do not only have to look out for monsters that are trying to attack you, but also other players that could probably kill you.

    Always be wary when entering the resource world. The promise of resources within this world comes at the cost of your own safety. Be sure to bring your most powerful armor and weapons in order to defend yourself from different threats that may arise once you enter this dangerous world.


There are four types of crates in Tiny Island Life, each crate is filled with various rewards you can get. Crates are opened using crate keys, and each crate has its own special key. You can get crate keys by voting (/vote) or purchasing them from our store (LINK).



  In Tiny Island Life, you can use the command “/warp” to easily get to important places on the server. REMEMBER: Using the “/warp” command teleports you to your desired warp after three (3) seconds. Any damage or movement done during this time will cancel the teleportation.


  • /warp crates - entering the command “/warp crates” will teleport you to the part of spawn where lucky treasure chests containing sweet loot awaits you. To open these crates, you will need to be holding the corresponding key for the specific crate. These keys can be bought through the server's shop.


  • /warp merchant - the merchant who is located deep within the mountains and caverns of spawn can easily be accessed using the “/warp merchant” command. The merchant has plenty of goods in store for you ranging from a variety of blocks, food, items, and even rare finds if you use your tokens.


  • /warp quests - by using this warp, you will be teleported just by the entrance of a cavern in spawn. In this cavern, you will find different NPCs (nonplayer characters) of different professions offering different quests for you to accomplish. Fulfilling these quests will grant you tokens, a premium currency in Tiny Island Life. Here is a list of the NPCs located in /warp quests.


    • Butcher - the Butcher, armed with his trusty cleaver has a whole lot of quests surrounding different mobs. From animals found within the roaring plains of the overworld like chickens and cows, to much rarer mobs like those pesky little bats deep underground, the butcher has all the quests for you. Just make sure to deliver the right items, and the right amount of course.

    • Farmer - the Farmer is here to fill your world with shrubs and greenery. With a plethora of quests on planting and farming, ready your diamond hoes and water buckets to finish this guy’s quests. 

    • Hunter - monsters generally spawn at night. The typical person would run away and avoid danger, but not the Hunter. With the hunter, fulfill his quests by slaying and returning the drops of different monsters for you to be rewarded. Be sure to sharpen your swords, and draw your bows and show your skills to the Hunter.

    • Miner - to the deepest of caves, and the longest of mineshafts, the Miner does his job. With your diamond pickaxe and minecart, roam the deepest of caves filled with the most terrifying monsters to acquire the sweet ore and finish the Miner’s quests.


  • /warp resource - this warp will teleport you to one of the harshest places in Tiny Island Life. As you teleport to this world, you will be greeted by Captain Jonsbo aboard his massive ship near the shores of these lands which are under an eternal darkness. The sun never rises on the resource world. Here, you can mine and gather resources as you please to further develop your island. Be careful though, as the resource world is filled with monsters of all kinds, even those like you, you should be wary of. PvP is enabled in the resource world so be on the lookout for other players. Trust nobody but yourself.


  • /warp ship - this warp brings you to Captain Jonsbo’s ship on the spawn island. Talking to him here will bring you to the fearsome resource world.


These are the key components that make up Tiny Island Life, if you feel like something is missing feel free to leave suggestions on the Forums or on Discord.