28 Mar 2020, 21:39




New Custom Plugin

Good news! Our custom plugin “Tiny Island Quests” is now up and running in the server. I haven’t been able to fully test it due to recent changes in my daily activities, but for those interested enough you can start doing the daily quests via /tiq. Any bugs reported will be fixed ASAP.



10 Feb 2020, 12:15


Hey there 👋


The server's been running for almost a month now and we're starting to build a community! I want to thank everyone who has played and specially those who are now active members. I would do a special mention for those who found bugs during the beta testing but there’s too many to keep track of – you know who you are tho 😉


Just a quick plug! We're running a Valentine's Day Promo in our server store! We have a 43% OFF sale going on, and a limited edition "" tag for ...


13 Jan 2020, 14:15



I'm excited and nervous about Tiny Island Life's soft launch this week. I'm not sure how it will go but hopefully players will be reading this by the time it opens! I've been working on this server on and off since early last year and I'm hoping people will enjoy the gamemode I put together :D

That's all I have to say for now, I'd rather not have this announcement be too technical or formal.

Thank you for being part of the launch and I hope that you'll become a part of this community ❤️

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